Scenic Hike in Laguna Beach

Our view, at The Top of The World, Laguna Beach, CA, when Ron proposed to  me | Laguna beach, California camping, Beach tops

Hiking has easily become our favorite outdoors activity to do. It is a free way to get in exercise and fresh air. Both southern and northern California are celebrated for their many stunning hiking trails. From the breath taking Yosemite Valley to the coastline of Big Sur to the barren serenity of the Mojave Desert, California is home to a wide variety of beautiful geographic locations to explore.

While Orange County, California is known mainly for the flashy lives of rich population that lives here thanks to the entertainment brought to us by the Real Housewives of Orange County and the drama filled lives of the teens on Laguna Beach, Orange County is home to many marvelous landscapes worth exploring.

One particular landscape worth visiting is Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach is a quaint seaside community located in southern Orange County that is well-known for a fresh year-round climate, gorgeous coves, and a community of impressive artists. While there is much to discover in this lovely town, the first thing we recommend visiting is the famous hiking trail known as “Top of the World”.

Its name may sound exaggerated until you visit the scenic wonder. “Top of the World” hiking trail is found by traveling 1.8 miles up the mountain on Park Ave. It is nestled in a residential community of homes seated on the spectacular mountainside. There is free parking along the sidewalk as well as a small parking lot adjacent to the hiking trails entrance that usually has parking spots available. Free, convenient parking is something we cherish when it comes to hiking spots!

“Top of the World” has an elevation of 1,000 feet which allows for stunning views of the coastline as well as a glimpse into the rest of Orange County from a bird’s eye view. The main trail is the one that we usually take, the Canyon Acres Trail, which is a 2.4 mile trek with a good mixture of inclines as well as some flatter stretches.

The climate is usually fresh on this trail however, it can become blisteringly hot specifically during the summer months. We recommend visiting in the early morning, preferably before 11 a.m. during the summer months to avoid the heat.

Perhaps our favorite thing about this hiking trail is that unlike other trails in Orange County, this trail allows our four-legged friends to come along for the fun! My German Shepherd and Golden Retriever are big fans of this spot as there are many furry friends to meet along the way!

There is fun for the whole family on this picturesque trail. If you have never visited the “Top of the World” trails you are seriously missing out! Give this trail a try on your next explorative outing! We promise it will not disappoint!

~Happy exploring!~

Kat & Alex

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