Garden Oasis on the Palos Verdes Peninsula

Rancho Palos Verdes is a city located in Los Angeles, California that is resplendent with rolling hills and stunning ocean views. It is home to the famous Terranea Resort which is a luxurious resort with Mediterannean-inspired architecture. The stunning resort has been featured in popular Hollywood films such as Charlie’s Angels, The Aviator, This is 40, and Pirates of the Caribbean among many others. While we could speak for days about the Terranea Resort, what makes it such a special place is how the Mediterannean architecture complements the gorgeous landscape without detracting from its beauty.

This is a common theme in all the infrastructure built on the beautiful Palos Verdes hillsides. The South Coast Botanic Garden is no exception. The garden sits on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in the heart of the town. Upon arriving at the gardens you are surrounded by statuesque trees and are immediately presented with an oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. The garden expands across 87 acres of well maintained landscape that includes many unique species of trees, shrubs, and flowers.

The Most Beautiful Botanical Garden in Los Angeles

Two highlights of the garden for us were the enchanting Banyan Grove and the delightful New Rose Garden. The Banyan Grove is a portion of the garden that is lined with Moreton Bay Fig trees. These trees have thick roots that extend outwards covering the surrounding ground, their grand presence provides immense amounts of shade and transports you to your favorite fairy-tale. The New Rose Garden is also impressive in its own right. Here you will find a wide array of thriving roses varying in colors and scents. There are gazebos throughout the New Rose Garden that allow you to admire the roses from the shade.

Whether you are looking for a calm environment to have a picnic, a new scenery to provide artistic inspiration, or are a horticulture enthusiast, the South Coast Botanic Garden is a must see! It is an experience that is cheap monetarily but has a rich impact on your soul.

All in the Details:

  • $15 Admission for Adults; $11 for Senior and Students (Kids under the age of 4 FREE)
  • FREE Admission every 3rd Tuesday of the month
  • Peacock walks premises freely, see if you can spot it!

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” ~Albert Einstein~

If you stop, make sure to smell the roses.

Kat + Alex ~

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