A Bird’s Eye View of Orange County

Orange County, California is nestled between the fame ridden Los Angeles County and the Mexico adjacent San Diego County. This coastal county has many sights and adventures to offer from a visit to the world renowned Disneyland resort to legendary surf locations such as “The Wedge” in Newport beach. Adventures abound in this marvelous region of Southern California. One such adventure worth trying is off-roading through the picturesque mountains of Orange County.

The Main Divide Truck Trail to Santiago Peak is a fun off-roading trail that takes you to the top of the tallest peak in Orange County at an elevation of 5,689 feet. The trail is 28.3 miles of a paved path winding up the mountainside. While most of the trail is an even and flat paved incline, some areas do have deep impressions and boulders thus it is advisable to visit this trail with a 4WD vehicle or a high clearance SUV. It takes approximately one hour to reach the peak of the mountain if driving at a leisurely pace as is recommended. With off-roading, the fun is not in reaching the destination but in the journey it took to do so and the paths traversed. The stunning panoramic views of the ocean and the bustling city below are simply an added bonus to the adventure of getting there.

Many people bring a picnic lunch and enjoy a meal amidst the bird’s flying nearby, while others choose to enjoy a few drinks at the top of the mountain (responsibly, of course). The scenic backdrop also makes for magazine quality photo shoots so you can get cool shots of your off roading beast of a vehicle!

Kat & Alex’s Tips:

  • If going in the evening or wintertime, be sure to have a warm attire it is quite chilly at the peak and snows at certain times of year.
  • Unless you would like to relieve yourself in nature, we recommend limiting liquids for the majority of your off roading experience and using local restrooms before embarking on your journey as there are no restroom facilities on this trail.
  • While Santiago Peak is home to several cellphone towers, be prepared to be disconnected from the technological world on this adventure.

Go Wild! ~ Kat + Alex

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