The Art of Archery

Ever since seeing the Disney movie, Brave, I have wanted to try archery. If you haven’t seen the movie, it is centered around a princess who is impetuous and wild. She has a passion for archery and horse back riding and refuses to be placed into the traditional mold placed on princesses. Being a rebellious spirit myself, I related to Pricess Merida’s nonconformist nature. In the movie she is a skilled archer and unapologetic about it in every sense.

Archery is an art form in the truest sense. There is something very powerful and magnetic about it. From the craftsmanship of the bow and arrow to the strong angles your body forms when preparing to shoot it and the way the arrow flies forcefully through the air to its target. The whole process is one that generates the awe of all onlookers.

My introductory archery experience was at Orange County Archery. They provide bow and arrow rentals and give you a brief lesson on archery upon arrival, which is ideal for beginners like myself. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

At Orange County Archery, “open shoot” is available to the public daily and you are allowed 90 minutes of shooting time. Reservations are not mandatory, but they are recommended to ensure that there will be spots available once you arrive. You can elect to use their range with your own equipment, or rent their equipment for your visit. I chose the range time that included a rental which was $25. This option includes a recurve bow, arm guard and four arrows for shooting, along with 90 minutes of range time. The range time without rental equipment, is $15.

Archery is such a unique skill. It requires focus and practice, but also trust and composure. I found that when I focused too hard on hitting the target, my arrows would fly furthest away from it. It was when I regained my composure and released the tension from my body that I was able to get closest to the target and even the bullseye.

Like many sports, archery can teach you life lessons. In my case, the lesson I learned is that you should focus on the process instead of the target. When seeking to achieve something in life, we can often be consumed with the final result so much so that we do not pay close enough attention to the steps we need to take to get there. Each step of the way you learn about yourself and grow in your abilities. So focus on mastering the process and the rest will take care of itself.

Kat + Alex’s Tips::

  • Long sleeve shirts are recommended to prevent possible chaffing when releasing the arrow
  • Walk-ins are welcome, but reservations are recommended. (Small facility)
  • Reservations required for groups of 6 or more
  • Facility closed on MONDAYS

Click the link below to visit the archery facility we went to!

“A good archer is known not by his arrows but by his aim.” ~Thomas Fuller~

Aim high and far! ~ Kat + Alex

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