Posing as an Acrobat at Skull Canyon

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an acrobat? Being suspended hundreds of feet in the air putting your balance, agility, and strength on full display. If you have ever seen Cirque Du Soleil you have definitely had a phase of curiousty for the amazing acrobatics that they display. The professionals make the movements look so effortless and elegant, it is impossible to not wonder what it is like to be in their shoes (come on, I can’t be the only one. . .)

Well, if you are a wannabe acrobat like me, who is also a big wuss, Skull Canyon may be the perfect opportunity for you. Skull Canyon is tucked away in the Inland Empire. They offer visitors what they refer to as an eco-experience. Skull Canyon has several zip lining routes that vary from 80 to 300 feet above ground. In addition to their zip lining routes, they recently introduced Sky Gym a jungle gym in the air.

Wearing a harness, you are able to wander through several obstacle courses of varying difficulty at different heights. Sky Level 1 is the lowest level and it is approximately 15 feet above the ground, but feels much higher once you are on it. Sky Level 2 is about twice as high as Level 1 and presents a greater level of difficulty. Skull Canyon is also currently working on Sky Level 3 which will be their highest obstacle course and be about 50 feet above the ground! According to the employees, it is expected to be finished within the next 12 months.

In our opinion though, Sky Level 1 is about as much of an adrenaline rush as we can handle. The higher levels do look exciting though if you are particularly unafraid of heights.

The Sky Gym is a fun, afforable, experience that we think everyone in the family would enjoy. Sky Gym Level 1 is $39.99 and it allows you to explore the course for one hour. The Sky Gym Level 1 + 2 option is $59.99 and provides an hour and a half of acrobatic fun. We did the first option and the hour went by very quickly, as they say happens when you’re having fun!

If you’re looking for a little adventure or something new to do with the family, a visit to Skull Canyon is highly recommended!

Kat + Alex’s Tips:

  • Close toed shoes are REQUIRED
  • Water is provided, but bringing your own is also recommended.
  • Sunglasses and comfortable, breathable clothing are recommened as it can get very warm here in the summer.

Check out our youtube channel for more insight into our adventures!

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