The Iconic Cartier Love Bracelet: Is is worth the cost?

Love bracelets have become the most coveted jewelry piece over the past decade. The bracelets rose to trending fame after being seen in multiples on the arms of all the Kardashians and Jenner’s, with many noting that they carry the price of a college tuition on their writsts.

Locked in Love

While the Love bracelet has risen to fame over the past decade, it has been around for over four decades. Aldi Cipullo designed the Love line, centered around the infamous bracelets, back in 1969.

An interesting fact about the unique design is that it was modeled after the Medieval chastity belts which were said to be worn by wives and daughters to preserve their integrity while the men were away for extended periods. The notion of women actually wearing these metal contraptions is mainly mythological as there is no evidence to prove that this was actually practiced.

Cipullo’s intention was not to mimic a barbaric, imposed kind of love. Rather, his thought was that love should be semi-permanent and that a symbol of love should not be easily removed.

Rise in Popularity and Price

When the Cartier Love bracelet first became available it did not cost thousands of dollars like it does currently. As you can see from the advertisement excerpt below, the Love bracelet in 18k gold was sold for $250.00. This is a far cry from the most affordable Cartier Love bracelet being sold now at $4,250.00!

So, to what can we owe the immense surge in price? A portion of the increase can be credited to natural inflation that occurs over several decades. However, the immense popularity of the Cartier Love line amongst celebrities and “influencers” who have touted the bracelets and rings as status symbols created immense attention and demand which caused the prices to skyrocket. Another thing to note is that the Love bracelet was originally gold plated, but it is now only available in solid gold, to which the stark rise in price can be attributed as well.

The Love bracelet has become a trendy jewelry piece in a way that is similar to the Tiffany charm bracelet. The Tiffany bracelet used to be a trendy, status symbol in the late 90’s and early 00’s, and while these pieces are still beautiful, they are no longer trendy or synonymous with current luxury fashion.

Trends Come and Go

Just as with any fashion trend, after their surge in popularity and fame, they inevitably fall making room for the next flashy item. I would classify the Cartier Love line as both a trendy and classic piece.

When something is trending that is of this caliber of a price tag, the most important question to ask yourself is does it truly fit my style? If it was not a sought after piece, would I still have the same feelings towards it?

These seem to be very basic, straightforward questions, yet they are very important to consider before purchasing. More often than we are often willing to admit, we are influenced by what is popular and recognizable.

While there is no end in sight for this bracelets popularity, one day it will inevitably be out of fashion. At that point, the only reason to rock it would be if it truly fits your style and taste.

Durability and Resale Value

The bracelets are made of solid 18k gold and some are even plated in other precious metals such as Platinum. Despite its relative fashion trend value, these bracelets will always hold their value due to the precious materials that they are made of. Currently on the resale market, Cartier Love line items cannot be found for any less than 88% of full retail value.

When it comes to durability, this is where I am unsure of the value being met at the bracelet’s retail value. I purchased the white gold, platinum plated, Love bracelet with 4 diamonds. It is a stunning piece and I was in love the moment I put it on.

Love bracelet, 4 diamonds White gold, diamonds

While it is definitely a statement piece, it is still subtle enough to wear daily. The diamonds are small, but they add an extra shine and bit of intrigue to the piece.

I was very careful with the bracelet as it is the most expensive piece of jewelry I own besides my wedding rings. The bracelet was $11,300 before tax, not an amount that I am able to spend everyday. Much to my dismay, despite being very cautious about where I was placing my hands, so that the bracelet wouldn’t be touched by any hard object, the bracelet was scratched after just one full day of wear.

Finding the first scratch on my beloved bracelet after one day of wear was extremely dissapointing. The bracelets are very durable in the sense that they will not be easily dented nor will they tarnish when exposed to water or other harsh elements. However, since gold is a delicate material, it does scratch easily, especially at higher concentrations or higher Karat values.

At first I was dissapointed, but then I realized that it is just a natural part of wear and tear and nothing can be used and kept in mint condition forever. So, while I am as careful as possible with my bracelet, I still wear it everyday and enjoy it because that is the whole reason I purchased it.

Worth the Cost?

So, is the Cartier Love bracelet worth the cost? Well, like many things in life I think it depends. If this is a piece that you absolutely love (no pun intended), then yes, absolutely! Just remember that the piece will get scratched despite your best efforts to prevent it.

If you are able to deal with a few scratches and the pros of having the bracelet outweigh the cons to you then like any other love go out there and get it!

Get the Look for Less

Here are a couple of bracelets that I love that don’t make such a big dent in the bank!

Alberto Amati 14K Yellow Gold Polished Bangle Bracelet

kate spade new york Stone Hinge Bangle

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