Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Laguna Beach

An intriguing backdrop is a major key in landing a fantastic shot. In any town you are able to find backdrops to take your photographs to the next level if you just search carefully enough. If you are ever in Laguna Beach and are looking for the spot to capture the perfect shot for your next IG post, we have you covered!

Thousand Steps

Thousand Steps is an enchanting, narrow staircase that leads to a small, private beach in Laguna. Despite its name, the stairs do not reach the thousand mark there is a few hundred steps, which is still a decent trek. While you may have to compete with the dedicated cardio enthusiasts for time on the steps, both the entrance to the stairs and the hundred or so stairs themselves make for an interesting photo op with a glute burn as an added bonus.

Hotel Laguna

If you prefer a backdrop that is more artistic in nature and requires less leg work [pun intended], Hotel Laguna, adjacent to Main Beach provides ample opportunity to create the perfect photographic masterpiece. The hotel lobby features an eclectic style of rustic chandeliers surrounded by unique art pieces and heterogeneous seating such as tufted leather sofas paired with green suede seats. Our favorite is the ‘light bulb’ mirror next to the hostess stand near their restaurant, Larsen. Few mirror selfies could compete with those taken there.

Peppertree Lane

Want to fool people into thinking you have taken a European vacay? Peppertree lane is the spot to go. This adorable alleyway is paved with rustic, red brick and it features adorable shoppes such as the beloved Gelato Paradiso and La Rue du Chocolat. The French windows combined with the Late Victorian street lights and brick lined streets will give no indication that you are anywhere but strolling down the streets of Italy with gelato in hand. Your secret is safe with us. 😉

When it comes to finding a beautiful backdrop to for your IG shot, Laguna Beach is teeming with photogenic hot spots! The three spots we featured above are perfect starting points for your photoshoot and you are certain to find additional unique backdrops while exploring them.

Let us know: Have you ever been to Laguna Beach for a photoshoot? Where is your favorite IG-worthy spot?

Don’t forget to tag us when you visit these hotspots so we can like and comment on your post!

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