How to Elevate any Outfit

Have you ever bought a new outfit or new item and gone to wear it and been disappointed with the overall result? You love the pieces you own but are not quite sure how to pair them to achieve the perfect ensemble.

My friend recently faced this dilemma. She has items that she loves but when she gets ready she feels something is missing and doesn’t know how to achieve the effortlessly chic styles she sees featured on Instagram.

In discussing this issue we came to the conclusion that the missing touch to the outfits were elements that come together to form an elevated look.

My definition of “elevated” is an outfit that is chic and “put together”. The fabrics of the clothes are high quality and the items worn present a timeless elegance.

In my very official research of the current “it girls” my friend was referring to online I realized that their aesthetics had several overlapping elements that seemed to add the “je ne sais quoi” factor to their outfits.

Proper Footwear

Many people think of footwear as a functional clothing item, which it most definitely is as shoes provide comfort and support in carrying you (literally) through your daily activities.

However, just as essential as a properly fitted and chosen training shoe is to your particular training activity, so a properly fitted and chosen shoe is essential to a complete outfit.

In my wardrobe, for instance, I recently realized that my footwear was an afterthought when getting ready for the day. I would pick out my favorite jeans or pair of slacks and pair them with the same old Chanel espadrilles I had been wearing religiously for the past four years.

I realized I needed more variety in my everyday footwear, so I purchased a new pair of Chanel espadrilles (I really love those shoes) and the black Gucci loafers I had been eyeing for quite some time. My shoe collection still has a ways to go before it reaches the point I would like it to reach, but those two additions helped bring more excitement to the outfits I was assembling.  

Cool Outerwear

Blazers, leather jackets, shawls, shrugs vests, hoodies. Outerwear is every where and for good reason, it can not only provide an extra layer to your outfit in colder temperature’s but it can also add an intriguing element to your overall look.  

Suit vests are a big trend for 2022. The fun thing about adding a vest to any outfit is that it automatically makes the look feel more classic and “elevated” due to the original inclusion of vests being with formal suits. Vests have veered from strictly suit wear material to other materials such as knits and denim. 

Vests may not be your thing, but amongst the arrays of outwear available there will most certainly be pieces that are. I would highly suggest investing in unique outerwear garments that you love and can pair with many different outfits. You will find that these pieces will help achieve the “elevated” aesthetic you are aiming for. 

Carefully Curated Accessories

According to Wikipedia, a fashion accessory can be broadly characterized as an item that is worn or carried. Historically, handbags, wallets and even ceremonial swords were worn as fashion accessories.

Nowadays, accessories can be found at every price level and suited to any personal style. Handbags can range from more affordably priced vegan leather options for a couple hundred dollars to more extravagant leather and animal skins that can be sold for thousands of dollars per bag, such as an Hermes or Chanel bag.

My belief is that any accessory item regardless of its price point, has the ability to enhance any outfit. Different types of belts and handbags are my favorite way to enhance my wardrobe, but I am also beginning to expand into hair items such as bows and headbands along with costume and Demi-fine jewelry.

Finding a few key accessory types that you like and implementing them into your daily fashion can really elevate your style.

If you address these three areas of your closet, I guarantee you will be able to elevate your fashion to the level you want to reach and your key closet pieces will shine like a diamond under bright lighting.

I have linked below a few of my current favorites to help you get started on this journey to elevate your style!

Classic Shoes you need!! ->

Alexander Wang Women’s Carter Loafers

Chloe Women’s Woody Espadrille Flats

Givenchy Women’s City Sneakers

Elevated Outerwear I love ->

Allsaints Balfern Leather Biker Jacket

Aqua Suit Up Blazer – 100% Exclusive

Bcbgmaxazria Faux Suede Jacket

Key Accessories ->

rag & bone Women’s Rebound Leather Belt

Tory Burch Women’s Aviator Sunglasses, 57mm

Moon & Meadow 14K Yellow Gold Tiny Hoop Earrings – 100% Exclusive

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