A Piece of the World in Escondido

San Diego is at the Southernmost part of the Golden State and it features many touristic attractions that are both unique and world renowned such as the culturally enriching Balboa park, the charming Coronado Island, and the controversial Sea World. Amongst these popular touristic loactions is the San Diego Zoo which is one of theContinue reading “A Piece of the World in Escondido”

Garden Oasis on the Palos Verdes Peninsula

Rancho Palos Verdes is a city located in Los Angeles, California that is resplendent with rolling hills and stunning ocean views. It is home to the famous Terranea Resort which is a luxurious resort with Mediterannean-inspired architecture. The stunning resort has been featured in popular Hollywood films such as Charlie’s Angels, The Aviator, This isContinue reading “Garden Oasis on the Palos Verdes Peninsula”

A Journey Through Crystal Cove

The Most Breathtaking Hike in Orange County If you take a drive down Pacific Coast Highway in Orange County you are certain to be left in awe by a little strip of coastline that is uncluttered by infrastructure. Nestled between the touristic destination of Laguna Beach and the small beach town Corona Del Mar, liesContinue reading “A Journey Through Crystal Cove”

Daydreaming in Disney

One of the major tourist destinations in California is the self-proclaimed “Happiest Place on the Earth” Disneyland. For us, Disneyland is not only a place for fun and happiness, but it is also very inspirational. The original Disneyland theme park was opened on July 17, 1955, in Anaheim, California. Disney’s amazing success did not comeContinue reading “Daydreaming in Disney”

Scenic Hike in Laguna Beach

Hiking has easily become our favorite outdoors activity to do. It is a free way to get in exercise and fresh air. Both southern and northern California are celebrated for their many stunning hiking trails. From the breath taking Yosemite Valley to the coastline of Big Sur to the barren serenity of the Mojave Desert,Continue reading “Scenic Hike in Laguna Beach”