How to Elevate any Outfit

Have you ever bought a new outfit or new item and gone to wear it and been disappointed with the overall result? You love the pieces you own but are not quite sure how to pair them to achieve the perfect ensemble. My friend recently faced this dilemma. She has items that she loves butContinue reading “How to Elevate any Outfit”

Re-Creating Hailey Bieber’s Green Themed Business Casual Outfit

Hailey Bieber is many girl’s fashion, beauty and skin goals. She is often snapped by paparazzi leaving events, meetings, the gym and anywhere else they can spot her. Her outfits are usually always on point, but some are extra enviable. The outfit pictured above is one such outfit for me. From the moment I sawContinue reading “Re-Creating Hailey Bieber’s Green Themed Business Casual Outfit”

Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Laguna Beach

An intriguing backdrop is a major key in landing a fantastic shot. In any town you are able to find backdrops to take your photographs to the next level if you just search carefully enough. If you are ever in Laguna Beach and are looking for the spot to capture the perfect shot for yourContinue reading “Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Laguna Beach”

The Iconic Cartier Love Bracelet: Is is worth the cost?

Love bracelets have become the most coveted jewelry piece over the past decade. The bracelets rose to trending fame after being seen in multiples on the arms of all the Kardashians and Jenner’s, with many noting that they carry the price of a college tuition on their writsts. Locked in Love While the Love braceletContinue reading “The Iconic Cartier Love Bracelet: Is is worth the cost?”

Posing as an Acrobat at Skull Canyon

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an acrobat? Being suspended hundreds of feet in the air putting your balance, agility, and strength on full display. If you have ever seen Cirque Du Soleil you have definitely had a phase of curiousty for the amazing acrobatics that they display. The professionals makeContinue reading “Posing as an Acrobat at Skull Canyon”

The Art of Archery

Ever since seeing the Disney movie, Brave, I have wanted to try archery. If you haven’t seen the movie, it is centered around a princess who is impetuous and wild. She has a passion for archery and horse back riding and refuses to be placed into the traditional mold placed on princesses. Being a rebelliousContinue reading “The Art of Archery”

A Bird’s Eye View of Orange County

Orange County, California is nestled between the fame ridden Los Angeles County and the Mexico adjacent San Diego County. This coastal county has many sights and adventures to offer from a visit to the world renowned Disneyland resort to legendary surf locations such as “The Wedge” in Newport beach. Adventures abound in this marvelous regionContinue reading “A Bird’s Eye View of Orange County”

Feeling Nostalgic Riding Swans in Echo Park

Echo Park is a neighborhood located in central Los Angeles. In the heart of this town is Echo Park Lake, a picturesque lake surrounded by Palm Trees and a clear view of the downtown Los Angeles skyline. An interesting fact about Echo Park is that it was previously known as Edendale and it was theContinue reading “Feeling Nostalgic Riding Swans in Echo Park”

Hollywood Glamour Meets Ranch Life

Hollywood is probably the most famous part of Los Angeles and it is home to big dreams and glamorous lifestyles. An iconic feature of Hollywood is the Hollywood sign which is situated on a mountainside in the star-studded Hollywood Hills neighborhood. The Hollywood sign was raised in 1923 by real estate developer Harry Chandler andContinue reading “Hollywood Glamour Meets Ranch Life”

A Piece of the World in Escondido

San Diego is at the Southernmost part of the Golden State and it features many touristic attractions that are both unique and world renowned such as the culturally enriching Balboa park, the charming Coronado Island, and the controversial Sea World. Amongst these popular touristic loactions is the San Diego Zoo which is one of theContinue reading “A Piece of the World in Escondido”